What a week it has been.  Last Wednesday my computer started doing crazy things.  I won’t go into detail, but I am talking really crazy.  Then on Thursday it quit doing crazy things…..it did NOTHING!!! 

I didn’t need this because it was opening baseball season for the Longhorns.  If the Horns are in Austin on the weekend, Pam and I are there.  When the baseball seasons ends in the summer, we start the count-down until it begins again in February.

So, Friday morning we get packed and head to Austin.  We had just crossed the causeway and bridge on Lake Livingston when there was a long line of vehicles stopped in front of us.  We were pretty well on schedule so a slight delay was no problem.  We sat for about ten minutes with nothing happening, so I walked up to the car in front of us to get some information.  The men told me there was a HAZMAT collision that had occurred at 3:00 AM that morning.  Hazmat wasn’t in my vocabulary until he said one of the trucks was loaded with diesel.  Now I have it.  Hazard Material collision.  They had been working on the spill site for about 7 1/2 hours and had no idea when it would be cleaned up. 

I told Pam to find us a route to Trinity on my cell phone GPS.  Now that is a wonderful thing.  We had to turn around and go back about 5 miles to take our detour.  At one time, this would really have upset us quite a bit.  When we turned on the road to Trinity, I told Pam we were on another “adventure.”  The route to Trinity was a Farm Road and we had a lot of truck traffic because everyone was taking the same detour.  I had been on this road before, but there were some new sites.  We passed “The Rising Sun” which years ago was a nite club.  I don’t know whether the name indicated closing time or not.  Well…..this building now is the home of “Cowboy Church.”  How about that?

We had lunch in College Station and proceeded to Austin.  When I am in a hurry, it seems like everyone wants to drive in the left lane.  Probably 90% of the inside lane vehicles are trucks.  It seems if you buy a truck you automatically get a license to drive in the left lane and hold up traffic.  I drive a truck (Escalade) but I didn’t get my license to stay in that lane.  Sometimes I am guilty of driving on the inside lane when I am going faster than the traffic.

We got to the baseball game in time for the first pitch.  We win on Friday and that was good.  We lost on Saturday in the 9th inning and that was bad.  We lost on Sunday and that was bad.  We stopped in College Station for supper and ate a Jason’s Deli.  We do this a lot and wear our Burnt Orange proudly amid the Aggie Maroon.  It doesn’t bother us but it seems to bother some of the other patrons.

Back to the office on Monday.  I had prayed for “new life” for my computer.  Monday morning it was time for the funeral.  I had to drive to Lufkin and buy a new one.  It took the Geek Squad until Wednesday to come over and transfer all my files, etc. to the new computer. 

So, now you know why I’ve been silent since last week.

Sometimes we just have weeks like that.  I helps when going through the difficult times to always look for the good things.  God places many things on this earth for us to enjoy.  I started reading a book a few weeks ago that was about “Why do Christians feel bad about feeling good?”  When we enjoy the good things God provides and He sees the pleasure we get from His creation…..He feels good!  When Pam and I do something for Lyndsey that gives her pleasure, it makes us happy.  So, I have decided to feel “good” about feeling “good.”

When we experience a time like last week, it is like a computer when it needs “defragmentation.”  That is when everything on the hard drive needs to be reorganized.  The hard drive has been fragmented in all directions.  When everything is so disorganized and the pressure begins to build, it is time for God to do a little reorganizing in our lives.  He can clean up some of the things that we pick up and store within us that don’t belong.  Then, God can gather all the good things together and we will begin to function in a manner that will bring Glory to God.  When God is our GPS, we will have less need for defragmentation.


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