The reason Pam gave me the “Quail Cross-stitch” … we love to hunt quail in South Texas.  A few years ago we had a group that loved to hunt together.  I enjoyed hunting with the boys, but my most memorable trips included the wives.  When visiting or driving through South Texas, most people only see the mesquite, cactus, rocks, and very little grass.  But, there are times when the spring rains come and wildflower seeds that have lain dormant for a long time, spring to life and the land is covered with beauty.  If you ever see this, it causes you to wonder how could this barren land suddenly be so beautiful.

We never used bird dogs on our hunts.  We had what we called the “bird buggy.”  That’s a pickup or suburban converted to a hunting vehicle with captain’s seats mounted on the front, a high bench seat in the back, and a grain bin for graining.  It looks something like a battleship more than a hunting vehicle.  We would drive down a sendero spreading grain and looking for quail.  When we spotted quail we would jump off the buggy and the hunt was on.  At first we are pretty cautious chasing the quail.  It is hard to look  up at a covey of QUAIL in flight and watch for (THINGS) rattlesnakes, mesquite, and cactus.  But, in a while we thew caution to the wind and ignored the dangers und us. 


Chasing quail through the brush and cactus is really exciting, but danger lurks around you.  When someone spots a rattler or hears that warning rattle, it is time to freeze.  It really dampens your excitement and enthusiasm.  So, it’s back to the buggy to settle down and get over the fearful experience.  Then, it’s back to the hunt.

The brush country of South Texas is not posted with DANGER SIGNS to point out the rattlesnakes, cactus, and mesquite thorns.

One of the men I hunted with was an ex Texas state trooper and a good shot with any kind of firearm.  One time he really “got down” on me for missing a few shots at a covey of quail.  I told him I missed because I was aiming for the eye to keep from destroying the breast meat.  We later flushed a covey and this man and I happened to shoot at the same bird at the same time.  I really was a little quicker than him and pulled the trigger about  1/10,000 th of a second before he did.  We both said “my bird.”  He found the bird and I asked him to hand it over.  He said “my bird” again and I told him to check the eye.  He looked at the bird’s eye and due to my excellent shooting  a shotgun pellet had gone through the eye.  He just laughed and threw me the bird.

I was always the camp cook.  I like to cook and on a quail hunt there are certain benefits for the chef.  I didn’t have to clean the birds.  If you can figure enough ways to cook quail to keep all the hunters happy, they really don’t mind cleaning birds while the meal is being prepared.  I won’t tell all the ways I learned to cook quail, but everyone would stay happy if they ate quail two or three times each day. 

Each trip to South Texas was different from the previous one.  Each was a memory that I will always cherish. Fun and fellowship with friends always overshadowed the encounter with mesquite thorns, cactus, and rattlesnakes. 

All through life’s journey we will be surrounded by danger.  As we seek to enjoy the good things that God has provided for our enjoyment, danger lurks around us.  Satan never changes his temptations.  They are just presented in a little different way.  In the Book of Job, God asked Satan where he had been.  His reply was, “roaming the earth.”  He still is.

Some of the side roads we take are filled with temptations and, if we try, we can find some way to justify why we turned off the main road.  It is always good to have a friend who will be a true friend and hold us accountable for our actions.  It is much better to be accountable now, rather than later.  Being accountable is what gives us integrity.  We all know what integrity is.  That is our actions when no one is looking.  That’s when we are continuously looking at ourselves from outside our box. 

If we will only call on Him, we always have a Friend to accompany us in our journey.  He is the one that will always nudge us off the side road and back on the road that leads to Him.


2 Responses to ““QUAIL AND THINGS””

  1. mom (Nana) Alice Rosenhagen Says:

    I especially like todays entry, as I am a South Texas girl – born and raised. My dad still quail hunts at age 80 and loves to take people on “hunts”. Great analogy of God keeping us on the road….yep, there are lots and lots of dangers that Satan throws at us. Praise be to God that Satan can’t snatch us out of God’s hands! Blessings on your day.

  2. Aunt Bonnie Says:

    Well, I’m Alice’s sister and I must concur. South Texas is a place all its own and those who love it…..love it….snakes, mesquite and all. It is obvious that you have found it to be special. I think God sometimes throws out grain for us hoping we’ll find it, and stop long enough to eat. It is then He can aim for our eyes….and hearts, and minds, and souls.
    Have a great weekend!

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