I started walking about three weeks ago.  It is not one of my favorite things to do, so I found a solution.  As soon as I roll out of bed, I put my walking attire on and walk.  This allows me to walk before I wake up.  I keep telling myself this works.

I live on “Byerly Loop.”  It is really County Road 165.  But, you have to understand “Deep East Texas” talk.  When you turn off  FM 777, the loop is about one block east, three blocks south, and one block west.  That is “Byerly Loop.”  To my knowledge, there are no Byerlys living on the loop.  I guess sometime before I moved here, there must have been a Byerly here.  I live in the Stephenson house and have been here for 30 years.  When you move to Jasper, your are a “new-comer.”  (For 20 years)  When I told people I lived on Byerly Loop in the Stephenson house, they knew exactly where I meant.  I must not be a new-comer now, because when I tell someone where I live using the same old description, they have no idea what I am talking about.  I guess now I live on County Road 165 in the Burrows house.

As I was walking this morning I came to the end of road and made a quick “U-Turn.”  It is still dark and when I turned this 8-foot tall Boxer darted away from me making a sound that words can’t describe.  Well, maybe it wasn’t quite 8 feet tall.  The sound the Boxer made was something like cry or scream….he was terrified.  I understood how he felt because the hair on my legs stood out.  He was following about six or eight feet behind me and moving very quietly.  I guess I should place a sign on my back saying “Do Not Follow Too Close – I may take a U-Turn.”  Either that or:

No U Turn Sign Clip Art 

I am sure that it will be a while before I forget this event.  I really hate to scare Boxers before dawn.  It tends to make me walk toooooo fast.  This goes beyond the intended limits for my cardio walk.

After my walk I was thinking about this encounter.  When God led Israel out of bondage in Egypt, He gave them signs to follow.  They could depend on Him to not make any sudden U-turns.  The reasons it took 40 years for such a short trip was because Israel took their eyes of their Deliverer and wandered off on a side road.  Not just once, but many times.  But, a patient God continued to bring them back on the main road and eventually led them to the Promised Land.

For each of us today, this is not a one-day or 40-year journey.  It is a journey of a lifetime.  We can travel this road the “hard way” or the “easy way.”  We can keep our eyes on the Savior, following closely or we can wander off on to the side roads.  We don’t have to worry about any sudden 180 degree U-turns.

Well, that’s my story for today.  As I am writing this I realize I have a story each day…..if I just look for it.  We all have a story to tell.  I think it is important to tell our story each opportunity we have.  One never knows when our story will have an impact on someone.  I’ll continue to tell my stories and let God open the ears that need to hear.


One Response to ““U”-TURN”

  1. mom (Nana) Alice Rosenhagen Says:

    Great post today – very reflective! Thanks for sharing “your story” today!

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