This lamp was created from a mesquite stump.  Turning the lamp on the lathe was the enjoyable part of the project.  A friend gave me the stump.  It was much larger with a very unbalanced shape.  I was so excited because I could see the raw beauty in this piece of wood.  The least enjoyable part (actually frightening ) of this project was trimming to size and balance with a chain saw.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not one of those people on the side of the highway that carve bears and indians with a chain saw.

Mesquite is a very beautiful wood and also very hard.  The possibilities I saw in this stump were nothing compared to the end result.  The grain where the roots merge into the trunk contain beautiful swirls.  Once the rough cuts are made and it is mounted on the lathe, the fun part begins.  As the wood is removed, I always like to let the wood “speak for itself.”  It begins to take on its own character and where it leads…..I follow.

This morning I remembered a vase I began 10 or 12 years ago.  A friend gave me a piece of black walnut.  Walnut is almost as hard as mesquite.  I turned the walnut into a beautiful vase…..almost.  Turning with or across grain is really fun.  Removing the wood from inside the vase is a different thing.  I requires real commitment and persistence.  It is slow, and sometimes dangerous, and requires continuous sharpening of the tools.  When the really difficult part of the project entered the process…I lost my persistence and there went  my commitment.  It sits in the shop right now.  I believe I will renew my commitment and add a large dose of persistence.

Hold on a moment before you jump to any conclusions.  No, I am not a cross-stitcher.  But, I can assure you that Pam is.  Years ago when Lyndsey was very young, Pam had a disease that was incurable…according to the doctors.  But, we discovered who the real Doctor is.

During this illness, she began to learn to cross-stitch.  I have always respected and honored her commitment (and persistence) to not just sit around  the house and have her own personal “pity party.”  We, who have never been in this situation, probably will never understand how important it is to be busy doing something….anything.  As I look back, it was a little funny.  She started with very easy projects and the funny part was she would as me now to make a stitch.  Believe me…I am not a cross-stitcher.

Her easy patterns became beautiful works of art.  She no longer regularly cross-stitches.  The parts of the house that I haven’t filled with furniture, vases, and bowls…Pam has placed her cross-stitch masterpieces.  The piece above is in my office.  There are two quail that look real enough to shoot.  Each time I look at her work I have the memories of her long fight for her very life.  But, her commitment and persistence in prayer, brought healing from a most Gracious God.  She has been completely off medication for many years now.

The wall around Jerusalem lay in ruin for almost one and one-half centuries.  Nehemiah made a commitment to rebuild the wall.  There were many distractions and the opposition was great.  But, Nehemiah was persistent.  The wall was rebuilt in 52 days.

In order to complete a great task we need:

1.  A compelling purpose.  Making a great commitment to a great cause.

2.  A clear perspective.  Don’t let fear cloud the view of the future.

3.  A continual prayer.  Pray about everything and gain God’s favor.

4.  A courageous persistence.  Move ahead despite the odds.



  1. pam burrows Says:

    thank you for reminding me again how precious and wonderful our Saviour has been to us…we are so richly blessed!!!!

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    I really like the longhorn snow globe too 🙂

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