After I finished my “Three Things to Do Each Day” this morning, (cry, meditate, and laugh) I began getting ready to go to work.  During this time I began to FOCUS my thoughts on an appointment I had this morning.  I try to leave my work at the office, but often I need a little preparation time for a meeting with a client.  Before I realized it, I lost my focus.  Well, I really didn’t lose my focus…..it was re-directed to something else.  I know I am probably the only one in the world this happens to.  Now I was thinking about Friday being the opening of Longhorn baseball in Austin.  We will be in Austin on Friday, but for now my focus needs to be back on my clients.  Without the right focus, I won’t be able to do five days work in four days.

When I got to the office I looked on my work station at the picuture above.  When I looked at my face and Lyndsey’s face, I saw real focus.  Lyndsey had this picture framed for me as a Christmas present.  This is an example of the precious memories we share.  In my last post I mentioned my gray hair.  Well you can see it was pretty dark…..and Lyndsey was pretty young.   I was enjoying cornbread and milk when here comes Lyndsey.  She looked like a baby bird, mouth open, waiting to be fed.  She is really focused on the spoon and so am I.  If I don’t stay focused, it will be cornbread in the eye, nose, or ear.

I love working with wood.  Turning wooden bowls is probably my facorite, but Pam told me  we have more than enough spread throught the house.  A bowl like the one above has 88  pieces of wood.  It takes a lot of focus to cut each piece at just the right angle.  Then all the pieces are glued together.   At this point it’s just a large chunk of wood that is ugly and out of balance.  That’s sort of the way each of us are when God begins to mold us into who He wants us to be.

When this chunk of wood is mounted on the lathe, it is very unbalanced and needs to have the rough edges smoothed.  Depending on the size of the bowl, the lathe is turning 850 to 1,000 RPMs.  When this smoothing procedure is going on, you really have to focus on where the gouge meets the wood.  One wrong move and one or all of the pieces that were glued together will explode in various directions around the shop.  I was roughing out a bowl one day, when Lyndsey opened the shop door, I lost my focus, lifted my head, and moved the gouge into the “woud-be bowl.”  Explosion!!!  Pieces went flying in all directions and both Lyndsey and I were standing in awe….startled was not the word for it.

Now, to where I was going in the beginning of this story.  When God is molding and sculpting us into the person He wants, we can rest assured that He will not lose His focus.  Our part in this is to continue to focus all of our attention on the Creator.  As He takes away the rough edges on each of us, we will probably suffer a little pain.  I guess if wood had feelings, it would feel pain as I begin to shape it into something beautiful.  The more we focus on the Sculptor, the less pain we experience as He changes us into something beautiful.  It’s a long process….like a lifetime.  Regardless of how many things of this world try interfere, if our focus is on Him, we will experience a joy that will overcome any pain along the way. 




3 Responses to ““STAYING FOCUSED””

  1. Zburrows Says:

    Baby bird! This is such a beautiful example of how we are molded.

  2. RootsAndRings Says:

    YOU are awesome. That bowl is amazing. Actually – switch those!

  3. pam burrows Says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING…i love the dadddy bird and the baby bird…how blessed i am

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