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I didn’t have this beautiful sunrise this morning.  When I was in Port Arthur, it snowed on February 12, 1958 and February 12, 1960.  This morning I woke to snow on the ground in Jasper.  It was a lot like snow.  The snow on the ground looked more like my gray hair.  My hair is not totally white, but Lyndsey has done a pretty good job of turning it gray.

Have you selected your Valentine yet?  I went to the “card place” this morning and picked the one card that is just right for Pam.

I am getting excited about Pam’s Valentine gift.  I think I will give it to her tomorrow, with the card.  I think that will be alright because then we can celebrate our life together in a special way for two days rather than one.  I always tell Lyndsey that early is on time, on time is late, and late is really bad late.  THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME!

What are the three things I try to do each day?  Many days we get so busy getting ready for the day we forget three things that would have an impact on the rest of our day.  When we start our early morning routines we sometimes leave out the most important thing……emotions.  Believe me, I understand being “brain dead” during this early morning rush.  I guess you might say its the most boring part of our day. 


1.  Cry

2.  Meditate

3.  Laugh

You might say:  “JB, have you lost your mind?”  Hopefully I haven’t.  I’ve been this way for a long, long time.

CRY:  Why would anyone want to cry.  What happens when you cry?  It relieves tension and often gives you a cleansing sensation (like have clear sinus).  So, what do you have to cry about?  Maybe nothing personally.  It not, great!  I don’t mean feel sad.  I mean really, really cry.  Lyndsey has a word for this.  She calls it WOMP! (sic)  What about crying for this nation’s moral decay and the fact that it seems to get worse each day?  Nehemiah WEPT about the walls of Jerusalem had fallen and the gates had been burned.  Israel was in danger from the surrounding Kings.  But, it was not about the walls.  He wept because of the sins of Israel.  He fell on his face, wept, prayed, and confessed the sins of his people.  Nehemiah knew source of protection for Jerusalem was.  He called on our Protector.   What about the people of Haiti during their time of crisis?  If I really, really need to cry, I picture in my mind the pain and suffering of Christ on the cross and the brutality that he suffered for me.  If I were the only one in the world, He would have suffered just for me.  When we really cry, it prepares us for the next thing for the day:

MEDITATE:  After a cleansing cry, we are ready to meditate.  It really has a way of  humbling us.  You might have your own way, but each morning I read the Bible and dig deeply into the Word to receuve wisdom for today’s trials.  Now we are really getting ready to face the day so we can:

LAUGH:  When I say laugh, I don’t mean turn up the corners of your mouth 1/4 of an inch.  That is really not even a smile.  Sometimes I laugh really hard when my day starts off in the pits and I look back and see how God has already blessed me this morning.  Now isn’t that funny?  It’s funny to me because I feel so dumb not to recognize God’s grace in my life. 

WARNING!!!  Don’t try to do all three of these at the same time.  You and/or others may think you’ve lost it.  It begins with crying, which is the lead-in for the other two.

After you’ve read this you might want to say:  “JB, how is that working for you?”  IT WORKS FOR ME!  After you’ve tried it, ask yourself:  “How is that working for me?”

If you don’t tell me, I’ll never know.  So I would be happy for your response after you started your day with these three things.



  1. pam burrows Says:

    enjoyed…you are a delightful writer!!! WHO KNEW

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